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WD ASSOCIATES CO LTD was created back in 2000 and the company has hired and groomed the best resources in shipping. Today our talented personnel have diverse experience of the local and international maritime markets.
The company is based in the heart of the city of Port Louis, within walking distance from the Port Louis harbour. Through our strong worldwide networking and our unrivalled work culture, we respond timely to shipping major needs.
Why choose Mauritius as the prefered port in the Indian Ocean for Business
Our main goals are to provide the best port agency and related services at very competitive rates.
We provide a 24 hour on call service for both port and out of port operations, covering:

  • Port Services
  • Bunkering
  • Logistics
  • Crew Change & Transfers
  • Ship Chandler

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We have worked on some awesome projects that are worth boasting of.

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"Combining global best practices with local expertise" - Tel: (230) 5 258 5799 | 5 940 2346