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A Leading Shipping Agency in Mauritius

Bunkering Agent in Mauritius - Africa

WD ASSOCIATES CO LTD provides a full range of ship agency services to a large array of vessels boarding in Mauritius. We strive to provide the best in class service to exceed our client’s expectations.

Benefiting from nearly 20 years of experience in Port Louis harbour, Mauritius, we assist all types of vessels: bulk carriers, oil rigs, drill ships and fishing vessels amongst others.

Our market share for overall assistance to oil-rigs and drill-ships exceeds 75% while our market share for assistance to cargo and fishing vessels account for more than 30%.

Our agency operates on a 24 hours basis throughout the year and we have also strong bilateral agency agreements with regional shipping agencies in South Africa and Reunion and Madagascar.

We are partnered with strong names in shipping based in Greece, Cyprus, UK, France, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Singapore, India and some Far East countries.

The company stands out as financially sound despite the present world and local economic situation and has a track record of good credentials both in terms of good governance and statutory compliance, let alone endorsement of best practices. We are fully involved in the green shipping culture and adopt caring attitudes for environmental issues. All our employees are subscribed to the company’s Code of Ethics.

Bunkering Agent & Shipping Agent in Mauritius - Africa

Our Mission.

"Empowering local expertise for a world class service"

Our Vision.

"To be recognised as the preferred supplier of customized and value for money services, highlighting the expertise and efficiency of people and in respect of all stakeholders"

Our Values.

  • We aim at being the best in class
  • Acting with integrity bounds us to do right things
  • Embrace change and thrive for innovation
  • People at the centre of our attention; we play as a team
  • We care for the world we live in

WD Associates - Shipping & Bunkering Agent in
		       Mauritius - Africa


We offer services covering all aspects of the Shipping Industry

Port agency and all husbandry related services

Bunker trader, arrangement and ship supply

Expert in the handling of oil-rigs / drill-ships at OPL

Agency specialist in cruise, tanker (liquid / gas), bulker and other casual / technical / repairs calls

Agency specialist for fishing and livestock vessels

Agency representation for oceanographic and research vessels

Hull Cleaning & Inspection

Logistics projects and freight forwarding services